Is Dwyane Wade's New Baby Mama Lamar Odom's Same Drug-Using Ex? [Photos + Video]


Things just keep getting messier by the minute…

Since news broke of Dwyane Wade’s new baby & baby mama, the streets have been talking and have allegedly identified the woman in question.

Her name is Sandrina Schultz and she’s the same woman who earlier this year detailed her and  Lamar Odom’s rampant drug use. Dwyane’s baby mama has been identified, and it is NOT this woman. Read more about it here.


She also told revealed that she was paid $4k for orgies with Dwyane.

Check out the video below of Sandrina spilling all Lamar Odom’s tea to Star magazine. If this is in fact Dwyane’s new baby mama…this is quite a coincidence.

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