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Dwyane Wade Says Telling Gabrielle Union He Had Baby by Another Woman Was ‘Hardest Thing’ He’s Done

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union seem to have their marriage figured all the way out — but it definitely isn’t perfect.

In his upcoming ESPN documentary, D. Wade: Life Unexpected, the athlete reflects on some of his past transgressions — including the moment he had to tell Gabrielle that he had a baby by another woman.

via Complex:

In 2013, Union and Wade put their relationship on pause to take a break from one another. During this time, Wade became involved with Basketball Wives star, Aja Metoyerin, fathering a son named Xavier. Wade and Union reconciled, but not before the former NBA superstar had to break the news about his child. 

“I had a child with someone else and I had to tell her,” Wade said in his documentary, according to Entertainment Tonight. “Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is man up and tell Gabrielle Union that I’ve had a child with somebody else. I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t eating.”

Wade went on to explain that his love for Union made it difficult for him to tell her about his son because he knew it would hurt her. 

“When you hold something in that you know is going to come out and you have this information and you know it’s gonna fuck somebody’s life up, that you care about, that you love, if it don’t hurt you, then you’re not human,” Wade said. 

Despite having to endure what Wade describes as “something that you never want to go through,” Union and Wade have been able to put together a successful family. Wade is the father of Zaire, 18, 12-year-old Zaya, and 6-year-old Xavier. He also takes care of his 18-year-old nephew, Dahveon. Union and Wade also welcomed their first child—a daughter named Kaavia—into the world in 2018.

We’re happy they were able to work things out.

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