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Dwight Howard Accidentally Leaks Text Message With GF While Celebrating L.A. Lakers’ NBA Win [Photo + Video]

The Basketball Player Is Too Busy Celebrating His Team’s Win Through An Instagram Live Stream, Not Realizing That He Accidentally Shows Thousands Of Viewers His Text Messages With His Girlfriend.

via: AceShowbiz

L.A. Lakers is celebrating tonight after winning this year’s NBA Championship. Dwight Howard is among those people, holding an Instagram Live stream shortly after their win on Sunday, October 11. However, the basketball player got a little too excited during his celebration and leaked his own text messages.

During his stream, Dwight was jumping up and down with his pals in what appeared to be the locker room. He was too busy celebrating that he didn’t realize the screen changed to show a text message between him and his girlfriend.

They appeared to be arguing about something, with Dwight telling her, “You coming at me about something and I don’t even know.” In response, his girlfriend simply told him to “turn up tonight have fun,” and it looks like he was not having it as he replied back, “What friends.”

Once Dwight realized what’s going on, he quickly ended the live session.


But the story doesn’t end there, Dwight ex and baby Mama Royce Reed had to get something off her chest.


Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning their historical 17th championship.

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