Dumblonde - Tender Green Life [New Video]

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.38.06 AM

Dumblonde is back with another visual from their debut project.

Aubrey & Shannon transform into paper dolls for a fun, trippy, and eye-popping clip that premiered earlier today via SPIN.

The girls had the following to say about their self-directed video:

When creating the lyrics for this song, we had envisioned two lovers running around a forest chasing each other, teasing each other with a hide and seek format of love. The lyrics are abstract and descriptive of the smell, taste, and sight of what these two lovers playing games with each other would see or feel in that environment. So when we sat down to create this visual, we wanted to take a completely opposite approach. As with every video we’ve really tried to stay away from our first ten ideas and push ourselves to create content that is out of our comfort zone and most importantly challenges the norm as that is what dumblonde is all about. We wanted to keep the look, technical style and approach of filming, editing, and coloring the video as left as possible. And somehow when we were done it all made sense and locked harmoniously in the exact way we wanted… which is everyone questioning what the hell did I just see? What does it mean? And hopefully I need to see it again.

We dig it. Get into it below!

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