A Drunk Cuba Gooding Jr. Goes on an Expletive-Filled Rant While Presenting at the Footwear News Achievement Awards: 'I Thought the BET Awards Were Cheap' [Video]


Cuba Gooding Jr. hit the open bar a little too hard at the Footwear News Achievement Awards this past Tuesday.

The actor cussed up a storm while presenting the Social Impact Award to designer John Varvatos.

via Page Six:

“Nothing says I love you like f??king sugar,” the 48-year-old actor began, “f??king boxed lunched. I’m drunk now, motherf??kers. Deal with it.”

As the crowd erupted with laughter, Gooding Jr. continued his colorful tirade.

“I thought the BET Awards were cheap,” he said in a video captured on Instagram. “In the words of Spike Lee, excuse my language but, they can f??k you too, Spike.”

It appears Gooding Jr. hit the bar before mingling with one of the event’s A-list guests.

“He was hitting up the bar as soon as he did the red carpet and, with some liquid courage under his belt, made a beeline for Rihanna,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

“He played OJ [Simpson] on TV, but he really was juiced,” the spy continued.

This isn’t the first time Gooding Jr.’s hard-partying antics have raised eyebrows. Spies caught the star boozing shirtless in Miami earlier this year.

“He was running around telling people how he and his wife are separated [and] how she was his high school sweetheart. He was a mess,” a source told Page Six.

Watch below.

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