'Drugged' Boxer Yusaf Mack, Who Admitted to Being Bisexual, NOW Says He's GAY [Video]

Yusaf Mack Admits He's Gay

Yusaf Mack, the professional boxer who initially said he was drugged into doing gay porn but then later admitted he was never drugged and came out as bisexual is now telling the world he’s gay.

In an interview with Philly’s Fox 29, Yusaf confessed:

“I’m gay, I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it it is, I live my life, I’m gay.” He also confessed he’s known he’s gay for “about eight years.”

Yusaf told Fox 29’s Quincy Harris that he’s only done one gay porn film and that he did it because:
“I was down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

As for why he lied, he said he didn’t “think nobody from Philadelphia would see it.”

Well, the entire world saw it now.

Despite everything, Yusaf is holding his head high.

“The truth is out, and I’m sorry,” said Yusaf. “You gon’ like me or love me regardless. I’m still me. So when you see me on the streets, I’m still Yusaf Mack.”

Watch Yusaf’s interview here.

Posted by FOX 29 on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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