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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Nicole Wants His 3 Alleged Mistresses To Testify in $1B Divorce Case

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s $1 billion divorce continues to get messier. Nicole now wants Dr. Dre’s 3 side chicks to testify on her behalf.

via: AceShowbiz

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young’s legal battle continues to get uglier. Just a few days ago, Nicole was said to be under police investigaton after being accused of embezzlement, and now, she has reportedly fired back by calling three women, whom she claimed to be Dre’s mistresses, to testify at their divorce trial.

In new court documents obtained by Daily Mail, Nicole named singer Jillian Speer, model-turned-skin care enterpreneur Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers a.k.a. Crystal Sierra, who is known as the “Queen of Latin hip-hop.” She was attempting to subpeona the three as witness in her and the mega producer’s nasty divorve war, though it was said that the trio had hired lawyer Kris LeFan to fight it.

LeFan allegedly filed a motion to dismiss the subpoenas. He argued that none of the woman had “information relevant to the enforceability” of the pre-marital agreement which was the core of Dre and Nicole’s legal war. He said in the new court filings, “Any extra marital affair would be irrelevant because California is a no-fault divorce state and in a pleading or proceeding for dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties, including depositions and discovery proceedings, evidence of specific acts of misconduct is improper and inadmissible.”

re was rumored to be cheating on Nicole with Kili back in 2013, though the 55-year-old music tycoon denied the reports vehemently at the time. Meanwhile, Crystal Rogers teamed up with Dre in his 1196 compilation album “The Aftermath” as she co-wrote the song “Got Me Open”.

Whew Ms. Young is about to give us a show for those Beat by Dre coins.

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