How To Download Threads By Instagram, Meta’s New Twitter-Killer

Instagram’s Threads app, a text-based social media platform poised to become Twitter’s latest competitor, is now available to users.

via: Forbes

Within seven hours of its launch, Meta’s new Twitter competitor, Threads, had over 10 million users. The new app, which is integrated with Instagram, promises to function much like Twitter, but without the chaos that seems to have hounded that app since Elon Musk’s takeover.

Like millions of others, I’ve signed up for the fledgling social media app (you can follow me right here) and so far I’ve enjoyed the bare bones, minimalistic aesthetic which reminds me somewhat of Substack’s Notes. There are certainly plenty of missing features, but these are early days and we’re basically canaries in a coalmine.

If you’re reading this post you’re probably curious about signing up yourself, or maybe you’re having trouble downloading the app or finding it in the Google Play Store, or Apple’s App Store. If you’re already on Instagram, probably the quickest way to get Threads is to simply search for Threads in the main search bar of Instagram. A small red rectangle will appear on the right side of the search bar. When you click on that, you’ll go to a new screen that shows your Threads username and some other information. It also includes a link to download the app that will take you right to it.

Or, alternatively, here are links to Threads on iPhone and Android:

Threads in Google Play
Threads in the App Store

As of right now, Threads seems to be doing quite well with users, earning a 4.5/5 in the Google Play store right off the bat, which means it’s actually running well and is intuitive enough not to frustrate most users. Missing features are a drag (no DMs and no follow-only feed are both pretty crucial missing pieces) but the clean look and the lack of paid Twitter Blue nonsense and other Twitter shenanigans seem to be paying off. It’s a clone, but a well-done clone.

The app is free and doesn’t require any sort of waiting list or sign-up so long as you’re already on Instagram. This makes barrier to entry much lower than other Twitter competitors like BlueSky, which have trickled out invites far too slowly.

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