Doja Cat Baffles Fans With Bizarre Thirst Trap [Photo]

Doja Cat raised eyebrows as she posted a bizarre ‘thirst trap’ snap.

via: HotNewHipHop

Doja has been making some interesting decisions as of late. Overall, she is someone who does not seem to care what the fans think of her. Recently, a fan pondered why Doja won’t say that she loves her fans back. Subsequently, Doja told them that she doesn’t love her fans as she doesn’t even know them. This led to quite a bit of backlash. However, her fans are still supporting her through this, which has been kind of fascinating to watch. At this point, it seems like she may just be bulletproof.

On Friday, Doja Cat released a new track called “Paint The Town Red,” which has already received quite a bit of praise. She is gearing up to drop a new album presumably this year, and many are excited. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, Doja remains incredibly active on social media. If you follow her, you know that her latest string of posts has been quite bizarre. As it turns out, she upped the ante on Sunday night by dropping what can only be described as an ironic thirst trap.

Above, you can see that Doja tried to take a selfie with the iPhone 0.5x settings. This typically leads to a humorous image that distorts perspective and can make your forehead look rather large. Well, that is exactly what took place here. Doja Cat captioned the post by writing “thirst trap,” however, fans felt like she was being 100 percent serious. This led to some unique reactions, with some claiming that she had gone off the deep end. “She’s really lost her mind,” one person wrote. However, some enjoyed the image, saying “I enjoy her not giving a flying f*ckity f*ck.”

No matter how you feel about Doja Cat, it is clear that she is living her life unapologetically right now. While some fans may be freaked out by it, she seems to be happy, which is all that matters.

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