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‘Doctor’ Blue Ivy Carter Goes Viral After Adorable Coronavirus Hand-Washing PSA [Video]

Blue Ivy Carter is doing her part to save the world one hand washing at a time.

Not long after mom Beyoncé spoke on the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on black communities in the United States, daughter Blue gave a visual demonstration on why washing your hands is so important.

In a video shared to grandma Tina Knowles-Lawson’s Instagram page, Blue performed a quick science experiment to prove the power of soap.

Her demonstration quickly went viral on social media, with many calling for ‘Dr. Blue’ to begin giving the daily COVID-19 briefings at the White House.

“I have this little DIY experiment that you can do at home, too,” Blue Ivy expertly set up her video, with a top-down view of her workstation throughout so there would be no missing a moment of the action.

“I have a mixture of a lot of different types of soap inside of this,” she said pointing to one small container. “And this is the coronavirus, or any virus– it’s actually just pepper.”

She then demonstrated what happens when a soap-coated finger is immersed in her pepper (plus water) concoction. Instantly, the pepper is repelled from her finger, shooting to the edges of the bowl.

“if you wash your hands, your hands will stay clean,” Blue Ivy explained. “But if you keep your hands dirty, you might get sick.”

Watch below.


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My brilliant granddaughter Blue did this experiment to show how washing your hands fights the virus . ????

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