DJ Mustard’s Ex-wife Reveals Music Producer’s Massive Monthly Income Exposed in Bitter Child Support War

Mustard‘s ex-wife Chanel Thierry has put the producer’s massive income on blast as part of a plea to get him to pay more child support.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, Mustard’s ex, Chanel Thierry, has submitted an expert report put together by a certified public accountant who reviewed the producer’s financial records.

Chanel hopes the report will convince the judge to award her a hefty amount in monthly child support.

Per the report, the producer has income available for support of around $623,381 per month based on actual cash flow for the years 2020 – 2022.

“Dijon’s income is derived primarily from his music recording businesses which include Dijon’s salary as well as income from publishing, recording, and royalties and residuals from Dijon’s music and recordings. A portion of Dijon’s income includes advances that are received in advance as compensation and towards any applicable expenses such as studio fees. Dijon’s other sources of income include minimal interest and dividends,” the report read.

The report said Mustard’s income includes significant advances, “from Universal Music Group (UMG) totaling $12,000,000 and Sony Music (Sony) totaling $7,500,000.” In addition, he pulled in nearly $1 million from his client Ella Mai’s music.

On the other hand, Che pulls in around $3,216 per month.

The expert believes Mustard should pay between $49k to $62k per month in monthly support. The document said Chanel was blocked from collecting spousal support based on the prenup.

Further, Chanel owes $20k to the expert for putting together the report.

Earlier this year, Chanel was awarded $18k per month in temporary child support but now wants that increased.

Back in May 2022, Mustard [real name: Dijon McFarlane] filed for divorce from his wife in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The producer cited Irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. The two got hitched in October 2020 and split in early 2022.

The exes share 3 kids. Mustard demanded joint legal and physical custody. In his filing, he noted the couple signed a prenuptial agreement before the wedding.

Earlier this year, Chanel asked the court to award her $80k per month in child support. She was on board with joint physical and legal custody of their kids.

However, she asked that she be awarded the “tie breaking authority” when it came to “decisions regarding the health and education.”

She claimed it had become “increasingly difficult to co-parent with Mustard as he does not communicate or answer her text messages.”

The case is ongoing.

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