DJ Mustard Scores Massive Win In Court, Only Paying $24K In Monthly Support

DJ Mustard just scored a monster win in his nasty divorce after a judge shut down his ex-wife’s request for a massive amount of support.

via: The Blast

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Mustard — real name Dijon McFarlane — will fork over $24,500 per month in child support to the mother of his children, Chanel Thierry. Although it’s a lot for us normal people, it’s a far cry from the massive amount she was trying to get from him. At first, Chanel was asking for a whopping $82,000 a month.

In the court order, Mustard scored another huge win after the judge validated the former couple’s prenuptial agreement. The musician was helped by hiring Mega celebrity divorce attorney Samantha Spector, who argued well enough to allow Mustard to keep all of his property, house, and music royalties. Plus, he will retain ownership of his cars and jewelry collection. Trust us, it’s a huge amount of bling.

As a part of the prenuptial agreement, Mustard paid his ex-wife a one-time payment of $315,000, but she will receive ZERO in spousal support.

The court order forces Chanel to pay half of the kid’s school and medical expenses, which is another huge win. Mustard told the court he was willing to pay for all of the children’s extracurricular activities, so he will.

As we reported, the former couple fought over allowing their kids on social media. Mustard claimed his ex-wife was exposing them to “predators” by using them on IG to support her “brand.”

“He is concerned that publicizing the children may expose them to predators and unfriendly media and he is also concerned that as mere children they lack the ability to consent to the use of their images in a manner that will become a permanent feature of the internet,” his lawyers wrote.

In the end, the judge allowed both parties to show their children on social media but put a strict rule in place that neither of them can make “disparaging” comments about the other online. Remember, this case started out as one of the nastiest in the celebrity break-up world. Mustard claimed his ex-wife was “stalking” him and made it impossible to hand off the kids at custody exchanges.

“Whenever he attempts to communicate with her, she lashes out in anger, undertakes stalking behavior, and creates conflict that unnecessarily harms the children,” he stated.

Adding, “Because Chanel is so aggressive and hostile, Dijon believes that it is in the best interest of the children to have as few custodial exchanges as possible, and in fact, the parties’ week-on week-off custody schedule has been working well even though Chanel continues to use custody exchanges as an opportunity to stoke conflict.”

Well, a judge has spoken, and it’s a big win for DJ Mustard and his legal team.

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