DJ Boof Threatens to Expose Wendy Williams After Getting Fired from Her Show: 'I Don't Get the Tea, I Got the F*cking Coffee' [Video]

When Wendy Williams returned for her season 12 premiere, she introduced her audience to the season’s new DJ.

After parading DJ Boof around all last year, fans were surprised to see he had been replaced with DJ Suss One — especially considering it was rumored that Boof and Wendy were more than just good friends.

Well, DJ Boof was apparently just as surprised as the rest of us by his unceremonious firing because he took to Instagram to let it be known that he feels he was done dirty.

via Ace Showbiz:

During the Live session, he told his viewers that “s**t is going to be crazy, y’all. God don’t like ugly.” He then added, “This little DJ is powerful. …I feel thankful, I’m blessed. I’m thankful, you know, you never know who really f**k with you. God don’t like ugly, y’all. And when I say, s**t about to be crazy, it’s about to be crazy.”

Responding to someone who said that he “got the juice,” Boof said, “I don’t get the juice. I don’t get the tea. I got the f***ing coffee,” before breaking into laughter. Following the stream, he then took to Instagram Stories to post a poll asking his followers to choose between tea or coffee. It was clearly a reference to his previous comment during the Live session.

It’s unclear why DJ Boof was fired, but fans think that it was because his personal relationship with Wendy ended.

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