DJ Akademiks Body-Shames SZA: “You Are Just As Fat As Me” [Video]

DJ Akademiks is someone who is known for stirring the pot on social media. However, sometimes he can say things that are truly heinous. Typically, these comments are made on his livestreams.

via: Vibe

Following Erykah Badu clowning him earlier this week, DJ Akademiks has now come for SZA — unprovoked. The podcast personality went on a disrespectful rant — body-shaming the S.O.S. singer — while calling her “fat as f**k,” and a “double-chin chick.”

On Wednesday (Aug. 9), Ak went live on Rumble while “on some liquor,” as he spewed a diatribe of offensive comments about SZA’s appearance. He spoke on her Brazilian butt lift, forehead, chin, weight and more.

“The titties is not looking tiddying,” he said while showing a photo of the TDE singer to his viewers. “Right now, I can’t distinguish the titty from the stomach. You look like you just got a whole muthaf**king bulletproof vest on. Your whole sh*t is flat.”

He then criticized her weight, calling her an “eater” and saying “your neck thick as a 32-pack of franks, and now y’all acting like y’all bad.” He added, “You fat as f**k, let’s keep it a bean.”

This year, SZA confirmed through her music that she had received a fat transfer procedure to her buttocks. Speaking of her new body shape, Akademiks said, “You know you’ve been under the knife mad times. We don’t care how much you show that little botched BBL; you need to get back to the doctor one more time, and I’ma stand on it!”

The Off The Record podcaster then turned his attention to her hairline. He said, “Second of all, I don’t know what’s going on with your head. Ain’t no way you catch a tan on this part of your hairline, and this part is like another color, so I gotta imagine this is a lacefront.”

“But SZA, let me give you the truth — this is the ether that’s gonna make your f**king soul burn: I don’t care how many albums you sell, you double-chin chick, you are just as fat as me,” he continued. “The doctors, the surgeons can’t fix you.”

“The lip gloss, the fake teeth — it doesn’t matter. You’re just a fat mini Lizzo,” he barked. “You make great music, we love you because you make great music, but you will never be one of those bi**hes that we’re looking at and our d*cks get really naturally hard for.”

See the distasteful rant below:

The New Jersey-native came for SZA in 2017, as well, when he called her, “one of them Amazon bi**hes” during a livestream. He then said that the fellow New Jerseyan wasn’t a “top vote” to sit with him on his then-Complex show Everyday Struggle.

“This ni**a weird bruh lol,” TDE president Punch reacted to Ak at the time. “Kind of a clown. I’m not sure yet though.”

SZA reportedly blocked DJ Akademiks earlier this year, as he shared an image of her in a bikini and discussed her BBL on a Twitch livestream.

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