Disney to Launch Netflix Rival Streaming Service in 2019

Disney is breaking away from Netflix and plans to launch its own streaming service by the end of 2019, according to CEO Bob Iger.

via NYDN:

“Our first priority is going to be reaching our core Disney fan,” he said on an earnings call. “We want to walk before we run when it comes to volume of content.”

Upcoming movies expected to hit the service include the live-action “Dumbo,” “Captain Marvel,” “Frozen 2,” “Toy Story 4” and the 2019 “Avengers” movie, as well as new “Star Wars” movies. Several movies, such as a “Lady and the Tramp” remake and Anna Kendrick’s “Noelle,” will be made exclusively for the streaming service.

Jon Favreau (“Iron Man,” “The Jungle Book”) will make a live-action “Star Wars” series — estimated at $100 million for 10 episodes — according to the New York Times, as well as a $45 million adaptation of the boy detective books “Timmy Failure.”

Iger also teased that Disney’s service will be cheaper than Netflix, which it expects to compete with, but didn’t reveal a set cost.

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Red, Tidal and now Disney all offering video content — we can’t keep up.

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