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Diddy Speaks On His Quest To Find Love After Losing Kim Porter [Video]

Sean “Diddy” Combs is slowly but surely getting his feet back into the dating pool and he’s ready to find real love again.

via: Vibe

The romantic life of Diddy has been a topic of conversation due to rumors swirling around his relationship with City Girls member Yung Miami, which has been confirmed by both parties. However, the mogul has also been open about his continued grieving over longtime partner Kim Porter, who passed away in 2018 due to lobar pneumonia.

Diddy, who shares three children with Porter – son Christian, 24, and twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie, 15 – recently sat down Teyana Taylor, host of Bumble’s YouTube series Luv2SeeIt to discuss the impact Porter’s death had on his outlook on life and love.

“[We learn more from] losing love,” the 52-year-old tells Taylor. “It’s the only way you kinda know how important it is. All the heartache that anybody’s ever been through. That’s the thing that really makes you appreciate the times you actually felt that and actually received that love. When you lose that unconditional love is when you put some respect on love’s name.”

The “All About the Benjamins” rapper reveals that he recently went through old text conversations that he and Porter had while she was alive. He also says that while he’s hopeful he will find love again, the process has been difficult.

“Just the other day, I just had got the courage to look at [Kim’s] old texts,” Diddy says. “I shouldn’t have really did that. I was like, ‘Yo, I hope I can find somebody who can love me like that again.’ I’m not giving up on love, but it’s hard. A different level of heartbreak. Whenever I see the sun, I see God and I see Kim.”

He continues, adding, “I haven’t reached that place yet, but I haven’t given up, though. I haven’t given up. I know that Kim would want somebody to love me. Right now, I’m not on that time. It definitely puts up a lot of barriers for you because it hurts so much. The thing is, is to not give up on it and know when you’re ready because I’ve got to love myself. I’m not going to rush into something and it be a rebound situation and I’m trying to stop the pain. I’m open to it. I want to get my soul snatched. That’s what it’s going to take. Just a genuinely — love is really real.”

Yet, Diddy maintains that he’s “ready for some action and adventure” and is finally in the proper headspace to be swept off his feet, but only for the right person.
“For me, love is really caring deeply, but unconditionally,” he states. “Love is forgiving. Love is peace. I think nobody has hit the one true definition of it because it’s one of those things that can’t be put in a box. Love is like some godly thing.”

The Harlem rep also attributes the various women he’s been romantically linked to since Porter’s death as being part of his healing process, saying “I did a bunch of rebound stuff and was definitely vulnerable. My heart just wanted somebody to love me.”


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