Detroit Woman Spotted A Man Who Allegedly Stole Her Car, Drags Him By His Dreadlocks Out Of A Barber Shop [Photo + Video]

Detroit boutique owner Bianca Chambers took action herself this week after her Mercedes-Benz vehicle was allegedly stolen.

via: Hot97

As reported on news sources, Bianca Chambers saw her car two days after she reported it stolen. She saw the alleged suspect in a barbershop and dragged him out by his dreadlocks.

Everything was captured on camera. Bystanders in the shop helped Chambers until authorities arrived. Fox News reports before Chambers confronted the suspect, she slashed the tires on her vehicle (the stolen one) to prevent the suspect from driving away. Chambers told the publication.

The article also reports the unidentified suspect has a history of stealing cars since his teenage years.

Before tracking down the suspect, she had called police several times about the allegedly stolen vehicle’s whereabouts – only for it to be gone by the time police arrived, the station reported.

Chambers accused the suspect of being “the dumbest criminal” because of the way he was allegedly traveling around in her car in recent days.

Don’t mess with Detroit.

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