Desiigner Ordered to Register as Sex Offender for Indecent Exposure on Plane

Sidney Selby III, who performs under the name Desiigner, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis to misdemeanor indecent conduct in connection with his actions while returning on April 17 from a Far East tour on a Delta Air Lines flight.

Selby’s sentence calls for two years’ probation, a $500,000 fine and 120 hours of community service.

TMZ is reporting, the judge ordered the “Panda” rapper to register as a sex offender going forward, in addition to the other conditions of his 2-year probation … such as participating in a psychiatric evaluation and drug testing.

According to the initial charging documents, he told the arresting federal agents he didn’t get much “cootie” overseas.

Desiigner announced he had quit rap for good last November following Takeoff’s death … it will be interesting to see how this incident impacts his music going forward.

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