Dawn Richard - 86 [New Music]

Dawn Richard’s debut album, Goldenheart, hits stores October 16th. Check out the newly premiered first single, “86,” below.

The midtempo track is a departure from the tribal-esque sounds that make up the majority of her Armor On EP. She told Interview,

“’86” is about the lyrics and the atmosphere—it tells you how I gave it all up to start this new journey. “’86” is actually a slang term—it means to get rid of something. For me, I’ve put up so many walls that I forgot if I was going to do this, that I can’t play the victim, I have to play the survivor. The song’s about ridding yourself of all those barriers so that you can be free and fight for love. That’s what everything I do now is about. The fight for love—what I love, and that’s the music.

Check out the lyrics below…

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