[Updated] Daniel 'Booby' Gibson Reportedly Wants Spousal Support from Keyshia Cole AND Full Custody of Their Son + Daniel's Legal Team Responds

Keyshia Cole and Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson seem to have a very positive relationship post-divorce if you let the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ cameras tell it — but it looks like there may be a little animosity behind the scenes.

According to reports, Daniel has asked a judge for full custody of their son AND spousal support from Keyshia.

The two got married 2011, but have been separated and peacefully co-parenting since 2014. Keyshia finally filed the divorce papers in September with no request of spousal support and opted for joint custody.

We don’t see Booby’s rap career taking off anytime soon and those ‘Love and Hip Hop’ checks only go so far — maybe he realized he needs Keyshia’s check.

Update: Daniel’s legal team issued the following statement, refuting the report as false and inaccurate.

“Mr. Gibson wishes to clarify that he is not actively seeking spousal support and full custody. Mr. Gibson submitted a full settlement proposal to Ms. Cole some time ago, which excludes spousal support and includes a shared custodial plan for their son. The document in question (i.e. Mr. Gibson’s Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) is what we in the family law sector call inclusive.

This means that a party will always file or respond in a way that gives them the best possible outcome in the event the can goes to trial, as it is much more difficult, time-consuming, and costly for the client to go back and amend a filing to ask for something that was not originally requested.

Attorneys who are well-versed in Family Law are aware of this and almost always counsel their clients to file as such with the full understanding that a resolution is typically reached that is acceptable to both parties, particularly in a case like this, where the parties are on amicable terms.

It is regretful that this document has been publicized and is now subject to scrutiny by individuals unfamiliar with standard family law practices. Mr. Gibson hopes to resolve this matter with Ms. Cole as soon as possible in a way that will allow them to move forward amicably and continue their cooperative co-parenting efforts.”

We’re glad they cleared that up — because Daniel was out here looking crazy!

This is a perfect example of why simply obtaining legal documents doesn’t always make for an accurate story.

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