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Damon Dash Must Pay Ex-Wife $340,000 or Face Arrest

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A New York judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Damon Dash unless he pays over $340,000 to his ex-wife, Rachel Roy.

According to Bossip:

In a contempt hearing Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, Judge Matthew Cooper ordered that Dash either pay $341,999.16 to Roy, or be arrested. Roy’s attorney, Donnell Suares, said Dash owes $91,249 in back child support, school and camp fees, and another $250,750 in debts Roy said she had to pay when Dash broke their divorce agreement by not paying the mortgages their New York homes.

“He failed on his default,” the judge said. “He has failed to appear.”

“I will issue a warrant,” Judge Cooper continued, “unless he can avoid arrest by purging contempt, and the purge is $341,999.”

Judge Cooper also ordered Dash to pony up $25,000 of Roy’s $40,000 legal fees.



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