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Damian Lillard’s Estranged Wife’s Blistering Divorce Declaration Blasts the No-Show ‘Family-Man’ Dad

Damian Lillard took it seriously with starting over after being traded from the Portland Trailblazers to the Milwaukee Bucks after spending his whole NBA career with the latter, as he also filled for divorce from his wife, Kay’La Lillard, days after his blockbuster trade and their second wedding anniversary.

via: Radar Online

Lillard’s estranged wife filed blistering court documents slamming the NBA superstar and his alleged “family-man” image, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.

The searing six-page declaration filed in Oregon’s Clackamas County Circuit Court described Lillard as an alleged no-show dad who would occasionally visit his three children – Damian Jr, 5, and 2-year-old twin daughters, Kalii and Kali.

Kay’La Lillard took a sledgehammer to the point guard’s good-guy public image – and revealed he officially ditched his family in October 2022, even though he wasn’t around before that to make crucial parenting decisions.

“I have been the primary parent for our three children since their birth,” Kay’La stated in the court documents filed on October 6.

“While I am a registered and licensed nurse, I am a stay-at-home mother for our children. I have made all the major decisions regarding our children: I interviewed and selected their pediatrician and their dentist; I have made all medical decisions for the children.”

With the help of a nanny, Kay’La explained how Lillard didn’t have a role in the children’s daily lives, mostly because he was busy establishing his money-making career – now worth an estimated $100 million.

“I want the children to have a healthy relationship with their father,” she stated. “I understand he is busy and has many commitments he must attend to. I also understand that the brand ‘Damian Lillard’ needs to continue with an image of a family-man. Despite our separation for several months, I have continued to support that image to the public.”

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Kay’La is seeking sole custody of the children because, in his October 2 divorce petition, Lillard only seemed interested in having visitation rights.

After he bolted from the home, Lillard sporadically visited the children – despite the flurry of heartwarming family pictures he posted on his Instagram page with 10 million followers affectionately cuddling the kids.

In August, Lillard posted a photograph holding his son courtside with the caption: “A dad at all times,” but in reality, his ex said it’s a dad some of the time.

“Father has never been the sole parent responsible for the care of all three of our children, for any hours-long period of time without the help of nannies, assistants, and/or family members,” Kay’La stated in court documents to show her estranged hubby’s relationship with his children.

“Father chose when and how much he saw the children while the children lived with me full-time in my home,” she added. “When Father was in town and not traveling for basketball, publicity, endorsements, or his music endeavors, he would pop over to visit for anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour to play with the kids while I was there or while a nanny was present a few times a week.”

“He would also meet the nannies at the park with the children if they were out playing.”

Kay’La also asked the court to establish a visitation schedule since Lillard was traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Milwaukee Bucks on September 27 — just eight days before smacking his ex with divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences.”

As RadarOnline.com reported, the 7-time All-Star bizarrely demanded that Kay’La drop his surname and revert to her maiden name, Hanson, as prescribed in a premarital agreement.

The couple met and fell in love while attending Weber State University in Utah. Kay’La dutifully helped Lillard become an NBA superstar for 10 years before getting hitched in Santa Barbara, California, on September 4, 2021.

It is unknown if Kay’La plans to challenge the ironclad prenup she signed on August 30, 2021 – romantically just five days before their wedding.

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