D. Woods Says She Will NOT Be Reuniting With Danity Kane


Earlier this week four of the five members of Danity Kane were spotted having lunch and rumors of a planned comeback began spreading like wildfire. Noticeably absent from the outing was former member D. Woods. Speculation ran rampant that D. Woods wouldn’t be a part of the groups alleged comeback and now in an official statement she confirms it to be true.

D. Woods will not be a part of the return of Danity Kane.

It has been brought to my attention that my former group members of Danity Kane will be reuniting and while I will not be a part of the reunion; I wish the ladies blessings and much success on their endeavors.

My focus is on the future and all of the exciting opportunities it holds, I thank you all for your continued support and I cannot wait for you to hear my new music and see my theater and film projects.

In case you’re wondering what opportunities she’s referring to, D. Woods can be seen in the upcoming play, ‘Rebirth’ with Q.Parker of 112.


via Jasmine Brand


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