Cynthia Bailey Commemorates Her Father’s Life Following His Death |

Cynthia Bailey Commemorates Her Father’s Life Following His Death

Cynthia Bailey is mourning the loss of her father.

via: BET

On Sunday (Dec. 17), the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star paid her respects to her father, Eligah Bailey Jr., in a series of heartwarming posts on Instagram, as reported by PEOPLE. Her posts include touching words about their relationship and memorable moments from her father’s funeral.

In the first post, Cynthia included a throwback photograph of herself in a brown and gold frame that her father kept near to him before his death.

“Daddy i know that we were not in the best place when you passed but we always agreed to disagree & respected each other’s space,” she began in the caption of the post. “all i wanted to ever do was be a good daughter & make you proud of me.”

“I was so touched with all that we have been through (the up’s & downs) together that the entire time you always kept this photo of me close to you. the whole time. i now have it & will keep it close to me as well.”

She continued, “i promise as you look down on me from heaven that i will continue to try to make you proud. grateful for the beautiful memories. those are the only ones that really matter in the end. i love you. i am sorry. forgive me. rest in peace.”

Her last post featured a video montage from her dad’s funeral, which she added Tramaine Hawkins’s song “Goin’ Up Yonder”. Cynthia began the video with a photo of him with a bright smile and piercing eyes while wearing a black pin-striped suit, red tie, and matching handkerchief. That image was followed by his casket being placed into the back of a hearse. She also included a few snaps of herself with loved ones and the moment her father’s casket was lowered into the ground.

“RIP DADDY. Eligah Bailey Jr. June 24th 1945-Dec. 10th 2023,” she added to the caption.

She wrapped up that post by thanking people who had reached out to her during this difficult time.

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