Crowd Beats Up Ferris Wheel Operator Who Attacked Black Mother [Video] |

Crowd Beats Up Ferris Wheel Operator Who Attacked Black Mother [Video]

A Ferris wheel operator who assaulted a Black woman was attacked by a throng of individuals who witnessed the incident.

via: New York Post

The wild, caught-on-camera brawl occurred at the Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market on Saturday night, news station WPLG reported.

Footage posted to Twitter showed the woman scolding the carnival employee as she exits the ride — and the argument quickly taking a violent turn.

In the clip, the man puts his hands on the woman and pushes her.

The two start hitting each other, prompting other carnival-goers to jump over the ride’s gates to defend the woman, video shows.

Police responded and later interviewed the woman, WPLG reported.

Detectives said they believe there’s enough “probable cause” to arrest the ride operator.

“The Opa-locka Police Department does not tolerate any criminal acts of violence and will prosecute those individuals to the fullest extent of the law,” police said, WPLG reported.

As of Monday morning (April 19), it was not clear if the Ferris wheel operator — who also got into an altercation with his coworker — had been arrested in connection with the incident. Authorities failed to mention whether the suspect will face any charges.

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