Coupled Up: Teyana Taylor and Knicks Player Iman Shumpert Spotted Kissing in Maui [Photos]


Well, well well….

It looks like Teyana Taylor’s shadowed mystery man has been revealed! 

Teyana was spotted in Maui having a romantic day on the beach with her new man, NY Knicks player Iman Shumpert.

You may know that Iman previously dated singer Elle Varner — which is interesting because Teyana’s last relationship was with former NBA star Brandon Jennings.

Is it safe to say they both have a type?

They’ve been pretty coy about their relationship so far, just a few IG posts of Brandon singing Teyana’s songs. Meanwhile, Teyana has been posting shadowy photos (like above) with romantic captions.

Thanks to the paparazzi, we now know that these two are officially an item. 


It doesn’t get any more boo’d up than that!


Now, before this gets messy — Teyana shut down reports that she and Brandon’s former girlfriendwere were ever friends.

It was alleged that Teyana and Elle were good friends and that Teyana and Iman have actually been together since last year (right after Iman and Elle split).

Tey responded to the allegations with the following:

Awwww this story would be so juicy if I actually knew Elle. Unfortunately that was my first and last time meeting her and A photographer asked us to take a pic, I Don’t know her from a can of paint. Now TAE?? Yes I kno BabyGirl very well. However we won’t discuss that anymore, that behind me. Clearly lol Case closed. If u want real tea all u have to do is ask.

Welp. There it is.

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