Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Gets FIRED After Calling Riley Curry a 'Fa*got' on Twitter |


If you’re still not convinced that online words have real-life consequences, let this be another example.

Yesterday, Steph Curry’s sister Sydell tweeted that she was on her way to watch her brother and the Warriors play game 3 of the NBA Finals against Lebron James and the Cavaliers.

A Twitter user named ‘@SoftCaramelKiss’ (aka Moe) responded to Sydell’s tweet with the following”:

riley slur

Still unbothered, Sydell responded with kindness.

A Warriors fan page picked up the offensive tweet and shared it with their audience.

That’s when a user named Cheryll took the tweet and sent it to Moe’s employer, Holton Wise Property Group.

And they fired him.


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