Chris Brown Responds to Weekend Club Shooting: 'Our Society is F*cked Up in the Head and Needs Leaders' [Photo]


Chris Brown is coming to his own defense after being criticized as a ‘punk’ for running out when someone started shooting up the club he was performing at over the weekend.

In case you missed it, shots rang out during Chris’ club appearance in San Jose, California on Saturday night. Five people were injured.

In response to an Instagram post by one of his fans, Chris shared his thoughts on what went down.

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He wrote:

None of these bitchass niggas bout that life. The most ignorant niggas ever! This ain’t no western. What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot. Rewind clip to LA when I wasssss the dumb one standing up by myself in the club when people were panicking and ducking for cover. Bullets ain’t got no name especially when u got random niggas being niggas fighting in the club. Our society is fucked up in the head and needs leaders. I don’t wanna lead a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers. No individuality and having the mind state that positivity and respect is WACK! That’s some evil ass shit.

Chris has a point. It’s unfortunate he was simply trying to do his job (for once) when people in the audience had to act up and give his name another negative association.

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