Chris Brown Disses Drake on New Freestyle, Calls Him A Pu**y [Listen]

Man, just when I thought the Chris Brown/Drake fiasco was winding down, Chris Brown had to open his mouth on a track. Check out his diss to Drake on his “I Don’t Like” freestyle.

“A fuck ni**a, that’s that shit I don’t like/ They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe,”…”I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, fight/ But hold up, I ain’t give a ni**a no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Them eyebrows, man them sh–ts is Yikes!/ OVO you overdose, YOLO no, I live twice!”

Chris went in, but I honestly think if needed Drake would murder him lyrically.

Bonus: Listen to Chris Brown’s Fortune before it hits stores next week.

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