Chet Hanks Says He Receives Love From Jamaicans Despite Cultural Appropriation Backlash Over Accent [Video]

He has often faced off against accusations of cultural appropriation, but Chet Hanks will not be deterred.

via: AceShowbiz

The 31-year-old reacted to the criticism when speaking on “Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan”. He first explained, “I was hooking up with this chick, one day she was on the phone with her family in Jamaica and she was really in the middle of a heated conversation.”

“I really had no idea what the f**k she was saying… I’m like, ‘Wow! So break that down,’ ” the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson continued recalling. “She was just telling me how to say different s**t, so for a week I was really on a Jamaican tip and that just happened to be the week of the Golden Globes.”

Chet then divulged that many Jamaicans reached out to him after a video of his red carpet interview went viral. “I had Jamaicans blowing up my Instagram, ‘respect general, respect! Come to the island,’ ” he recounted. “Jamaican people showed me the most love hands down, then you got all these social justice warriors in America saying I’m a f**king villain.”

“I don’t f**king know, dude. If I’m interested in f**king bullfighting, I can fly to Spain and watch a bullfight and if I want to talk to a Matador and say, ‘Hey bro, can you teach me how to fight the bulls?’ and he’s like, ‘Hell yeah bro, put this on.’ He’s stoked that I’m stoked, right?” he further stressed. “Some a**hole out there is gonna say I’m f**ked up because I’m culturally appropriating the matador culture.”

Chet, however, admitted that he’s not upset with the allegations. “I’m not even mad though because all these haters, they’re on the way out, dude,” he pointed out.

This might meant more if Chet had sat down with a Jamaican interviewer.

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