Charles Barkley on Draymond Green's Future As a Sports Journalist: 'He Doesn't Have a Face for TV' [Video] |

Charles Barkley on Draymond Green’s Future As a Sports Journalist: ‘He Doesn’t Have a Face for TV’ [Video]

Charles Barkley took some time to chat with Baller Alert and shared his thoughts on several topics of the moment — including March Madness, the coronavirus interfering with NBA games, and Golden State Warrior star Draymond Green’s future in sports broadcasting.

Check out a few excerpts:

On Draymond Green Being A Sports Analyst:

“I think Draymond Green is a good player and a great guy. I like messing with him but I think he has the perfect face for radio. He doesn’t have a TV face. He could do the job but he doesn’t have a face for TV. He has a face for radio.”

On Getting Older & Giving Away Memorabilia:

“I’m giving my memorabilia away because I don’t have a use for it. I’m not one of those guys. If you’re 60 years old and you’re still showing people your trophies you have issues.”

On NBA playing without fans due to the coronavirus:

“I don’t think the NBA will have games without the fans there. I think it’s stupid. Obviously, we want to be safe and cautious of the Coronavirus but they’re not going to just sit at home because they canceled a sporting event.”

Check out the interview in full below.

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