Charges DROPPED Against Five Brooklyn Teens Accused of Gang Raping Woman at a Playground


An 18-year-old woman made headlines last month after she claimed she was gang-raped by 5 teenage boys in a Brooklyn-area park with out with her dad.

The alleged assault sparked outrage in the community and across the nation. Well, according to new information it appears as though the woman wasn’t telling the truth — at all.

Prosecutors have DROPPED the rape charges against the five Brooklyn teenagers that were accused of raping the woman at gunpoint. The woman recanted her story about being sexually assaulted, she admitted to investigators there was NO gun, and it’s been revealed she was actually in the playground having sex with her father.


via NY Daily News:

“The complainant, as well as her father, provided multiple inconsistent accounts to NYPD Detectives and to experienced Special Victims prosecutors about important material facts in this case,” Thompson said in a statement.

“The complainant has recanted her allegations of forcible sexual assault and the existence of a gun, and she does not wish to pursue criminal charges against any of the defendants. She also refuses to cooperate with any prosecution against her father, who was engaging in sexual conduct with her.”

The alleged attack outraged community leaders after police shared news of the Jan. 9 incident.

According to early accounts, the teens took turns raping the woman in Brownsville’s Osborn Playground after using a gun to chase off her father near the park’s handball courts.

“Get the f— out of here,” he barked at the dad, according to initial accounts.

The “victim’s” father ran from the playground to get help, officials said at the time. When he returned a short time later with two uniformed officers, the supposed suspects scattered.

The dad supposedly went into a bodega to call 911, but was turned away by a store clerk.

Days later, cops arrested Denzel Murray, 14; Shaquell Cooper, 15; Ethan Phillip, 15; Onandi Brown, 17 and Travis Beckford, 17

But the teen suspects claimed the father was having sexual intercourse with the daughter when they first spotted the two, and two defendants told police the sex they had with the teen was consensual, sources told the Daily News at the time.

The father and daughter failed to identify any of the first four suspects from a police lineup .

“We are thankful to the District Attorney’s office for the thoughtful and prudent time they took to fully investigate this case,” said Murray’s attorney, Ken Montgomery.

“They did what the NYPD, City Hall and so-called community leaders didn’t do, they didn’t judge these young men, and investigated what actually happened.

“Now separate from the charges being dismissed there is a lesson to be learned. It is unhealthy to have sexual relations in parks even if it’s consensual. We don’t want our young men to grow up thinking this is okay, because it’s not.”

We’re at a complete loss for words.

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