Cardi B Responds to Being Called 'Ghetto' by TikToker: 'No Matter What I Accomplished I Still Get Called a Stripper' |

Cardi B Responds to Being Called ‘Ghetto’ by TikToker: ‘No Matter What I Accomplished I Still Get Called a Stripper’

Cardi B always speaks her mind, especially when she feels cornered by the media or her opposition.

via: Complex

The rapper recently responded on X to a TikTok post where influencer Raymonte denied that he’s “ghetto” like Cardi, who he called “very, very ghetto.” While Raymonte said “no shade” in the video, the person who reposted the TikTok on X suggested that the creator disliked Cardi B.

“She’s way ghettoer than me, she’s way hooder, gangster, greasy [than] me. She was outside with the damn Bloods, and y’all don’t say that this lady is ghetto. Y’all don’t say that she isn’t marketable,” Raymonte said in the video, claiming Cardi doesn’t receive similar scrutiny for being “ghetto.” “It feels like everyone can be ghetto and Black besides ghetto and Black people. And again, no shade to you, Cardi B, I’m just doing a comparison.”

But Cardi disagreed and brought receipts, digging up screenshots from Billboard and Reddit, where she was called “ghetto trash” on the forum.

“It’s crazy because when I became famous people said I’m ghetto, talked shit about my accent, call[ed] me dumb because the way I speak, say I[‘ve] got no couth, talk about my teeth , my braids, my two buns… and to this day no matter what I accomplished I still get called a stripper all because I’m from the ghetto,” she wrote on X.

“People misinterpret me because apparently I’m LOUD AND GHETTO TILL THIS DAY [they] call me a hood rat and all… When I sat down with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden they called me a ghetto stripper. Why is it that y’all gotta use me to make y’all comparisons cause y’all only see the glory but not when I get drag 24/7? LEAVE ME TF ALONE AND OUT OF YALL BULLSHIT.”

Despite the public’s misinterpretation of her, the Bronx native achieved monumental wins over the years, including winning a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2018. And regardless of what people think, new music is still on the way, with her sophomore album expected to release later this year.

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