Cardi B Calls Out Wiz Khalifa After He Responds to a Shady Tweet: 'Ya Was Rootin' Hard When a B*tch Was at the Bottom' |

Cardi B Calls Out Wiz Khalifa After He Responds to a Shady Tweet: ‘Ya Was Rootin’ Hard When a B*tch Was at the Bottom’

Wiz Khalifa got himself caught up in Cardi B’s crosshairs after he engaged with a rather shady tweet.

via Complex:

Following the announcement of the 2021 Grammy nominations, Wiz took some time to answer questions about the awards show and how it leaves many artists feeling snubbed. He explained that he, too, felt unrecognized by the Recording Academy but remains optimistic that he’ll one day be holding a trophy.

“As a Grammy nominated artist I know how it feels. N***as always think its unfair until they get their turn,” he wrote.”Just keep workin and that time’ll come through … I felt like I got throughly robbed for ‘See You Again.’ Haven’t been bacc since, but when tha time comes ima have a joint rolled and dope ass speech ready. And it’s Taylor Gang Or Die.”

One fan went on to challenge the Grammys legitimacy, claiming the Recording Academy clearly didn’t know “shit about music.” Why? The fan pointed to the fact that Cardi is a Grammy winner, while Nicki Minaj is not. Wiz simply responded with: “Most self made artists have this problem.”

Cardi caught wind of Wiz’s response and immediately went in. She posted a screenshot of a four-year-old DM she received from Wiz, who congratulated her on her burgeoning success.

And although Wiz didn’t say anything disparaging about Cardi, the Bronx rapper questioned why he was entertaining “tweets that pit successful women against each other.”

Wiz responded to Cardi’s initial post, insisting nothing he still supports her and also considers her a self-made artist.

It appears to us that Wiz wasn’t expecting being called out in that manner and did a bit of backpedaling. He should’ve kept his comments to himself.



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