Cam’ron Admits Falling Out With Ma$e Was Over Religious “Path” He Was On |

On Thursday (Dec. 21), Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson shared their latest episode of “ALL THE SMOKE” with Cam’ron.

via: Vibe

He discussed his past feud with Ma$e. Cam admitted that they fell out because of his misunderstanding of the religious “path” the former Bad Boy artist was on.

“He went to church. I kinda didn’t understand it at the time because that’s my man all day and I’m like, where church come from?” he started. “So I started bugging out on him because of that. So to be honest with you, the whole sh*t was my fault and just not understanding the kind of path he was on at the time.”

He added, “So I kinda was going at him on records and sh*t and he was ignoring me and sh*t, then one day he made ‘The Oracle’ and kinda flushed me one day. I was like, ‘That was pretty tough.’”

However, the two rappers patched it up in November. The Dipset vet credited Gillie Da Kid and Wallo for helping to mend his relationship with Ma$e via Instagram.

“Thank you guys also for helping connect me and Ma$e, and putting this sh*t together for us,” he wrote at the time. “To be honest with you, we talked about this on Million Dollaz Worth of Game … we may not even still be speaking right now without you guys’ platform.”

He added, “So we want to tell you guys thank you so much. And you see what it led to It Is What It Is, because Harlem ni**as are gonna start hustling once we cool again.”

Ma$e and Cam had differences up until August of last year, when the “Feel So Good” artist appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game and admitted to having regrets about their beef. The pair — who have sports history since high school — began growing apart in 1999 when Ma$e become a pastor in Atlanta.

Upon his musical return to New York in 2004, Ma$e joined Funk Flex on-air where Cam and Jim Jones called in clowning him over leaving Harlem. The rappers all argued, leading Cam to dubb Ma$e a “fraud.” Killa also followed up with the diss track “Take ‘Em to Church,” as Ma$e responded 13 years later with “The Oracle.”

The two rappers now host one of the most entertaining sports podcasts online, It Is What It Is.

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