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Kodak Black Bid For Drug Treatment Denied, Judge Calls Him A “Danger To The Community”

Kodak Black has found out that he won’t be having a very Merry Christmas after all.

via: HotNewHipHop

Kodak has been through a lot as it pertains to the legal system over the years. Overall, it has not been easy for Kodak, and things are set to become a lot harder for him. Back on December 7th, the rapper was arrested for cocaine possession. Furthermore, he allegedly swallowed cocaine in the midst of the bust. This subsequently led to charges encompassing both cocaine possession and “tampering with physical evidence.” These are some big charges, and Kodak remains behind bars.

As we previously reported, Kodak and his lawyers have been trying to secure a 90-day drug treatment program for the artist. This would ultimately allow him to get off without much jail time. However, according to HipHopDX, a judge has completely struck down the request for such treatment. Judge Jacqueline Becerra is being particularly harsh in this instance. She believes he is ultimately a danger right now, and needs to be behind bars for now. “If you’re buying drugs or using drugs, you’re a danger to the community,” Becerra said.

In a few weeks from now, on January 9th, Kodak Black will be in court for a hearing as it pertains to this case. Overall, Kodak will have to stay in jail until this time. Of course, he could be in jail even longer. However, the fact remains that he will be in jail throughout the Holiday season. To make matters worse, Kodak is currently in a Federal Detention Center in Florida. It remains to be seen how this will all play out for him.

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