Bye-Bye Bulge: Justin Bieber's Un-Photoshopped Calvin Klein Pictures Hit the Net [Photos] |

Bye-Bye Bulge: Justin Bieber’s Un-Photoshopped Calvin Klein Pictures Hit the Net [Photos]

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein.jpg

Justin Bieber’s new Calvin Klein campaign has been met with mixed reviews so far.

Some of you thought it was hot, while others still can’t take JB seriously as a sex symbol.

Those of you who lusting after JB’s bulge are in for a HUGE disappointment — no pun intended! got their hands on some un-retouched photos from the shoot and as you can see above, there’s been quite a bit of digital enhancement.

A bigger chest, bigger biceps, and a bigger bulge have been added to the singer making him look much beefier than he actually is.

We all know both good and bad retouching happens to everyone…but damn.

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