Broadway Star Robert Hartwell Buys Home Built By Slaves as a 'Generational Move,' Plans to 'Fill It With Love' [Photo] |

Broadway Star Robert Hartwell Buys Home Built By Slaves as a ‘Generational Move,’ Plans to ‘Fill It With Love’ [Photo]

Broadway star Robert Hartwell bought his dream home three weeks ago — a plantation-style home that was built by slaves in the 18000s.

via NYP:

Hartwell, who has starred in “Memphis: The Musical”, “Cinderella” and the Tony-award winning revival of “Hello, Dolly!” detailed his journey of buying the house, which was built in the early 1800s by slaves.

Under a picture of him grinning outside a two-hundred-year-old colonial house, Hartwell wrote: “3 weeks ago I found this house online. I said ‘this is my house’. I called the seller and was told it was a cash-only offer and that ‘I’m sure that takes you off the table’. Don’t you ever underestimate a hard-working black man.”

Hartwell pursued his house, despite the seller’s attempt to put him off.

“I saw the house last week and when I walked in I knew I was home. The house was built in 1820 for the Russell family who owned the cotton mill in town. Slavery was still legal. When the agent asked me why I wanted such a large house I said it was ‘a generational move’. I know this house is bigger than me. I wish I could’ve told my ancestors when they were breaking their backs in 1820 to build this house that 200 years later a free gay black man was going to own it and fill it with love and find a way to say their name even when 200 years later they still thought I would be ‘off the table’.”

Hartwell ended his June 24 post on an upbeat note,

“We are building our own tables. I’ve never been prouder to be a black man. Come to my White House any time. I can’t wait to have you! Glory to God in the highest. I’m a homeowner.”

We’re not sure we’d feel comfortable living in a home that’s seen such horrors — with the spirits of the enslaved ancestors roaming the halls — but if he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

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