Would You Do It? Bride Goes Viral After Spending $1,950 on Chili's Takeout for Her 100-Guest Wedding

How far would you go to save some money while planning your wedding?

Madison Mulkey went to TikTok to share how she managed to spend just $1,950 on a wedding meal for 99 guests — by ordering Chili’s for her big event.

via Fox 8:

“We loved the price point, I mean you really can’t beat that price point — you just can’t,” she told followers in a video posted earlier this month. “It’s insane that we only spent that much money for our wedding food.”

As the nuptials took place over a busy St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the bride admitted her experience was more challenging with her having to pick up the food in the morning (something she said wouldn’t have happened on a normal weekend). This caused others to have to step up and help warm up the food, but Mulkey said it was worth the effort.

On the menu was salad, egg rolls, chips and salsa, pasta and chicken tenders sliders.

“The food was amazing and other people said so, too,” Mulkey said in the video. ” … But they could have been lying to us.”

In a wedding study, The Knot found last year that couples were paying an average of $75 per person for catered wedding dinners.

“So happy we did this!!” Mulkey wrote in the post.

The part that got us was that she picked up the Chili’s at 11am, but didn’t serve it until 6pm. Watch her explain how she did it in the video below.

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