Brian McKnight Plays His X-Rated Music For His Mother, She Approves

Brian McKnight shocked fans earlier this year when he released the hilariously raunchy “If Ur Ready to Learn,” but did anybody ever stop to consider what his mother thought of his new…direction? Brian McKnight told 94.7 The Wave about the experience he had playing it for his mother for the first time.

The singer says his X-rated song was always meant to be a joke. Though he did tell 94.7 The Wave that if his fans paid closer attention to the lyrics they’d realize it’s the one of the “most clever songs” he’s ever written.

Those that did listen to the song had a bone to pick with McKnight’s mom. He says some of her friends were not too accepting of the new direction he had taken.

McKnight’s attempt to show his mom that they were all just overreacting resulted in a very interesting listening session.

“I played it for my mom after the church folk started getting on her,” McKnight admitted. “I was like, ‘Ma, listen, let me play it for you. I’ve known you all my life, understand where I’m coming from.”

Though his mom eventually accepted her son’s new song, his fans weren’t always so kind.

“People use social media to tell you what they think about you,” he said. “For whatever reason they want to be mean sometimes.”

He chalks it up to today’s culture, which is more interested in writing a rude putdown than a rave review. “We don’t really listen to positivity,” he said.

But McKnight admits it’s just something artists have to get used to in this day and age.

“Your skin has to be a lot thicker now than ever before,” McKnight said. “Now, they really want to let people to know how clever they are by saying how bad you are.”

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