Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Reveals He Spent A Night 'Getting Drunk' with Michael Jackson


Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul is on the promo trail for his new movie, Need for Speed, and stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

During his chat with the talk show host, he recanted a story from before he was famous — a story about a ‘very long weekend with Michael Jackson‘.

He said:

‘My buddy got invited to the Prince of Brunei’s birthday party outside of London at this castle and I was his plus one,’ the screen favourite explained.

Although he was far from hitting the big time, the actor had a couple of smaller projects under his belt and the Prince of Brunei apparently recognized him.

‘He said, ‘Oh my God. You played Floyd in Whatever It Takes,” Aaron relayed, referring to one of his first movies.

‘He took a liking to me and we just sort of ran around playing with sheep.’

And it seems that later in the night, the Prince truly had taken such a grand liking to him that he invited him to join in on a smaller, more private party.

‘So I go down to this giant library and the prince is inside the library with Michael Jackson,’ said Aaron, then: ‘It was just Michael, the Prince and I talking for about an hour.’

…and then the fun started.

‘Then that night, Michael, myself and the Prince and about 10 other people got pretty drunk in the library bar. It was so bizarre!’ he revealed, adding: ‘we did shots of Tequila all night.’

Kimmel asked what the lot of them talked about during their evening together, and Aaron revealed that things got pretty deep.

‘We were talking about life and growing up,’ he explained.

Interestingly, however, it was something far more mundane that captured Aaron’s attention about the late singer: an ‘M’ sticker on his shirt.

‘I just wanted to take it off so bad!’ said the actor of the absurd moment, ‘But no one wanted to bring it up.’

What a random story. Can you imagine Michael Jackson drunk? He’s already an eccentric personality — we can’t even fathom what would happen when you add tequila!

[via Mail Online]

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