Bre Tiesi Blasted After Bragging About Hooking Up With Michael B. Jordan [Video] |

Bre Tiesi Blasted After Bragging About Hooking Up With Michael B. Jordan [Video]

There were several bombshells dropped during Selling Sunset’s seventh season, but one of the juiciest belonged to Bre Tiesi.

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Tiesi has found herself in hot water following her recent revelation about Michael B. Jordan. After bragging about hooking up with the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” actor, the “Selling Sunset” star received backlash from a number of social media users.

On Friday, November 3, the 32-year-old reality TV star became a hot topic on X, formerly known as Twitter, after she claimed that she had slept with the actor. Instead of praises, she was bombarded with criticisms. One of them read, “Here go the major attempt to go viral and become trending smh.”

The negative online response did not stop there. One X user sarcastically penned, “Lets congratulate her on being an adult and having consensual sexual relations with another adult. Why is this even a thing lmao.” Another chimed in, “So have I.. big deal. Michael sleeps with everyone.” Meanwhile, a fourth asked, “Didn’t she also marry JOHNNY FOOTBALL, LOL.”

Bre made the revelation on her series “Selling Sunset”. In the season 7, which began airing on Friday, November 3, she had a conversation during dinner in Los Angeles with her co-stars, including Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith and Emma Hernan. At one point, Chrishell asked, “Who would you sleep with celebrity-wise? Who would you pick?”

It did not take long for Amanza to say, “Michael B. Jordan.” In response, Bre revealed, “I could do that, and I’ve done that.” Shocked, Emma could be seen putting her hands up to her face before asking, “Oh! You have?! Oh! Oh, my God!” She went on to say, “I wanna live through that vagina right now!” Not stopping there, Bre further bragged, “I’ve slept with all of my favorites.” However, she later pointed out that she was “kidding.”

Bre was previously married to former NFL star Johnny Manziel from 2018 to 2021. Around one year following her split from Johnny, she and host Nick Cannon welcomed their first child, Legendary Love Cannon, together on June 28, 2022. In addition to his and Bre’s son, Nick has other children with five other women.

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