Bow Wow on Falling Out With Jermaine Dupri, Says He's Going to Be the 'Bigger Person' [Video]

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri have officially buried the hatchet, after going over a year without speaking.

via: Complex

The 36-year-old took to Twitter and Instagram to share a video of him and Dupri at the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas from this weekend, where Bow can be seen joking around with JD.

“You can tell we ain’t been around each other,” he tweeted.

His Instagram caption went a little deeper though, revealing that the pair hadn’t spoken in a year.

“Ill be the bigger person…… IM FOLLOWING U AGAIN @jermainedupri,” he wrote. “hey its a step …1st time speaking all year.”

It’s unclear why the two had a falling out. Last March, Shad Moss took to Twitter to speak on his relationship with Dupri, telling his followers, “[Dupri] made kriss kross. He aint make me. I aint go thru artist development i aint have to be taught how to rap. This aint the tv show the rap game. I came ready. No disrespect but he aint teach me nothing bout this business bro. And thats real. He dont give advice.”

He continued, “I aint beefing w jd. All i said was he was not the person who put me on. And he wasnt.”

Bow instead credited Snoop Dogg for mentoring him. “Snoop is the best thing that happen to me. If it was t for him none of yall would know me. Thats the only big homie i got,” he explained. “He gave me a chance. Everyone else was just add ons to what we had started.”

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