Bobby Shmurda Arrested for His Involvement in Shootings & Drug Trafficking


Rapper Bobby Shmurda, known mostly for his hit song “Hot N*gga” and the accompanying ‘Shmoney Dance’, was arrested this morning after long-term investigation by the NYPD.

He was arrested in relation to his possible involvement in shootings and narcotics trafficking.

via Billboard:

Kati Cornell, the director of public information for New York City’s special narcotics prosecutor, confirmed that the rapper was arrested in his car in the early hours of morning. According to official sources, he was arrested along with several members of GS9, the Brooklyn gang that also lends its name to Shmurda’s rap crew.

The charges against Shmurda will not be revealed until tomorrow, when the sealed indictment will be opened in Manhattan Supreme Court. According to Cornell, the NYPD plans to hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon to discuss the case.

Billboard reached out to Shmurda’s management for comment.

At least we know for sure he’s rapping from experience. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t leave his life of crime behind just a little bit sooner…he was just starting to get some buzz.

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