Oprah Surprises Gayle King with a Table Full of Cupcakes for Her 60th Birthday [Photos]


When Oprah Winfrey’s your best friend, anything is possible.

Gayle King was treated to a surprise party to celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday.

Mama O threw the bash, complete with a table full of cupcakes spelling out “Sweet 60th.”

Oprah captured the moment in a series of photos posted to Instagram. She captioned the above photo:

‘surprise Birthday blowout! #happybirthdayGayle’

In another photo, Oprah surprised Gayle with grilled cheese sandwiches, and a visit from her children, Kirby Bumpus and William Bumpus Jr.



Her CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Ross also dropped by for the celebration.

‘Surprise birthday party for @GayleKing .. Her favorite cohost. Her favorite son and daughter. Her favorite grilled cheese. #happybirthdayGayle,’ Oprah described the collage image. 

Gayle turns 60 on December 28th. Those cupcakes look amazing, don’t they?



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