Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Issues a Statement: 'She is Not Brain Dead' + Exclusive Details


Bobbi Kristina’s family wants you to know that they haven’t given up hope.

While the family didn’t address the reports that doctors have advised Bobby to take his daughter off of life support, the family did issue a statement saying she is NOT brain dead.

via NBC News:

“There is no ‘family gathering’ today that is any different from any other day since (Bobbi Kristina) has been in the hospital — the family has been there since the weekend, so nothing any different today for them to be there than any other day. She is not brain dead, and the Houstons and the Browns are not fighting.”

The official statement issued by the family is in direct conflict with earlier reports and our own very reliable sources connected to the family.

According to the source, Bobbi Kristina’s brain activity has been marginal. While she’s not ‘brain dead’, the likelihood of her making a recovery at this point is very slim. Again, like most families we’re told they’re giving it up to God and are continuing to pray for the best.

Also, the Houstons and the Browns are NOT fighting, however we’ve been told that the main source of contention between the two has been over Bobbi Kristina’s non-husband Nick Gordon.

As you may know, the Houston family (Pat, specifically) has a restraining order against Nick after he continuously popped off, threatened and fought various members last year.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the restraining order is still very much in place. Over the last few months, Bobby Brown and Nick have developed somewhat of a relationship for the sake of Bobbi.

With all of the family gathered at the hospital, Nick’s reportedly been banned from Bobbi’s hospital room while the Houston family is present and has only been allowed to wait in the family waiting room. Pat tried to have him removed from the hospital, but Bobby knows how much Nick means to her daughter and after a heated exchange was able to work out a compromise.

We know you guys are tired of the back-and-forth conflicting reports — so are we. However, that’s what happens when you have some family members working hard to control the narrative and other family members speaking to the press whenever they want.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated.

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