Blueface's Los Angeles Mansion Is Available to Rent on Airbnb [Photo] |

Blueface’s Los Angeles Mansion Is Available to Rent on Airbnb [Photo]

During the pandemic, Blueface has found creative ways to make money, supplementing whatever “Thotiana” streaming revenue he’s receiving.

via: Complex

Blueface dropped his album Find the Beat earlier this year, and now it appears the L.A. rapper is pursuing an additional career path.

In a post on his Instagram Stories, the “Thotiana” artist revealed he has put his “blueGC mansion” up to rent via Airbnb. In fact, he added a link to the rental property in his bio. While the page for the property doesn’t give too much information, it does reveal he’s accepting up to 10 guests at the three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home.

The base rate for one night is $2,500, perhaps a little steep for a solo stay but more in the realm of possibility for a group of 10. With the service fee, occupancy taxes and fees on top, the total comes to $3,274, however. Photos included on the listing showcase the spacious but decadent nature of the house, which features a hot tub and a piano. With a mezzanine-style structure and particuarly impressive bathrooms, it’s easy to see why someone with disposable income might be tempted to stay at Blueface’s humble abode.

Anyone who does actually stay at the property might want to consider bringing a black light, as he claimed last year he’s slept with 10,000 women. It’s also worth pointing out that Blueface’s Airbnb account has been active since 2017, and the one review he’s gotten so far is from a stay that happened in Jan. 2018, which predates the success of his breakthrough hit “Thotiana.”

Did Blueface’s OnlyFans dry up? Or is he exploring every avenue to keep a bag.

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