AMC Theatres Now Allows You To Rent Out Movie Theaters For Private Showings

Back in October I reported how the world’s largest movie theatre chain AMC would be offering the public the chance to rent out one of their cinemas for personal film screenings for up to 20 people at prices starting at $99. Well it looks like that pilot program that originally started off in Maryland and Virginia was so successful it’s going nationwide.

According to AMC’s official website, here are the rules governing behavior for their private theaters in accordance with social distancing guidelines designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Outside food or drink is not permitted, but you can buy food at the concession stand, assuming the concession stand is open. (AMC’s website currently lists seven locations where the concession stands are closed, most in California.) In a press release, AMC said the launch followed a beta test that garnered “110,000 inquiries around the country” in a month, more than four times the total requests the company got in all of 2019 for theater rentals.

You can’t just watch whatever title you want; the options are limited to the ones that AMC is offering. At present, the films you can choose from include American Sniper, Toy Story, and Goldfinger. The price will be $99 for up to 20 guests, whereas newer releases — of which there are only a few, like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet — may cost up to $149.

AMC will employ its “Safe & Clean” policies and protocol, which includes enforcing mandatory face masks for all patrons, as well as social distancing, and capacity limits.

I am very excited to test this out.

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