Blueface Fires Back At 6ix9ine For Poking Fun At His New Head Tattoo [Photos + Video] |

Blueface Fires Back At 6ix9ine For Poking Fun At His New Head Tattoo [Photos + Video]

Tekashi 6ix9ine set his trolling sights on Blueface. Akademiks reposted Blueface’s uploads about his new ink, and 6ix9ine jumped in the comments the first opportunity he got. “He definitely owed them money for unpayed jewelry,” he wrote alongside laughing emojis. Later, Blueface responded.

via: AceShowbiz

6ix9ine’s remark didn’t go unnoticed by Blueface, who replied, “you literally trying to hard to stay relevant.” He then shared on Instagram Story a note that read, “Kids hungry daddy hungry but you claim [cap emoji] to walk around with ‘so much money’ [cap] that’s a dam shame @akademiks @6ix9ine.”

Blueface also unveiled a video of a man who is allegedly 6ix9ine’s homeless biological father. He captioned the footage, “Stop talkin like you getting money bro you clearly don’t got it.” He then followed it up with some clips of 6ix9ine’s ex Sara Molina in which she accused him of not providing for their daughter.

Not stopping there, Blueface turned to his Instagram feed to let out some pictures of Sara with an injury in her mouth. In the caption, he penned, “beat a female up but won’t even mention a fight with me clown s**t.” He also brought up 6ix9ine’s old interview where the 25-year-old confessed about putting his hands on his ex Sara.

Blueface then challenged 6ix9ine, “Tender d**k problems, beat me up sense you like dat with the female.” In response, the “TROLLZ” MC said, “LMAOOOOO this man wants this beef so bad right now I’m kinda starting to think he NEEDS this promo for his fight. I’m done responding.”

This is far from over.

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