Blac Chyna Delivers Tearful Acceptance Speech During Doctoral Ceremony [Photo + Video]

An emotional Blac Chyna became choked up during her acceptance speech as she thanked God for never giving up on her.

via: Vibe

Blac Chyna was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in humanities from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College. The 35-year-old shared footage from the ceremony on Instagram on Sunday (July 2). The former model, who now prefers to go by her real name Angela White, received the degree earlier this year.

“God has never given up on me,” she shared with the crowd. “I’ve been through a lot in my life and he’s been changing my life. The reality star continued speaking through tears, “I want to continue to walk in this light and learn and grow and be an inspiration to my family, my friends, and my kids.”

Her Instagram caption details, “The degree of Doctor of Humanities is an honorary degree awarded to those who have distinguished themselves through humanitarian and philanthropic contributions to society.”

The mother of two has shared her ongoing journey as she is committed to “changing her ways.” In March, she revealed the removal of her breast and buttock enhancements, as well as the dissolving of the fillers in her face.

On her healing journey, the Washington, D.C. native opened up about being baptized and removing her tattoo of a Baphomet, a goat-headed deity symbol associated with Satanism.

“Honestly, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she explained. “I just honestly wasn’t living my life right and I was just attracting all this negativity. I wanted to honestly dig deep and really see like ‘What’s my purpose? Like why am I even here? Why am I here on Earth?’ and just really find myself.”

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